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The glass arrangement with the current aluminum alloy doors and windows is certainly caused by double-layer hollow tempered a glass, and the sound insulation effect has already been excellent. Nowadays, many consumers are pursuing higher designs. I heard that now Relating to three layers of insulating glass, I want in order to ask three layers.

The amount of better is the sound insulation effect of three-layer insulating glass than double-layer insulation glass?

The thickness from the Laminated insulated glass is generally about 5+5+5+0. 5+0. 5=16MM. Why do you want three layers? It is impossible to own no gaps in the profile between the profiles. The increase in the actual sound insulation effect belonging to the single-window three-layer glass is not competitive with that of the solitary glass window + hollow tumbler window. The ideal method to increase the sound insulation could be to A single-layer glass screen, inside which is crafted from a glass window with insulating glass. When the modern Year's Eve is probably the most noisy, the sound outside is lighter than the ticking of the indoor alarm clock. The insulating glass is more reluctant of moisture and errors, single glass window Your outside water vapor, the particular double glass window area heat, the three tumbler double window insulation noise, this is the a lot of ideal layout.

What kind of aluminum profile is the particular three-layer hollow glass eye-port, and how many millimeters will be the thickness of the three-layer hollow cup hollow layer?
To generate three glass windows, the profile is best to decide on more than 65 profiles to ensure that the three-glass two-cavity breathing space is larger than 10mm. The larger the spatial distance of the insulating glass, the much better the thermal insulation plus sound insulation. Because there exists a desiccant inside the hollow glass which could adsorb water molecules. Your gas is dry, then when the temperature is decreased, the inside of the insulating glass won't cause condensation, and while doing so, the dew point for the outer surface of the insulating glass can be increased.

For example, if your outdoor wind speed is 5m/s, the indoor temps is 20°C, and your relative humidity is 60%, the 5mm glass starts to dew in the outdoor temperature of 8°C, as the 16mm (5+6+5) insulating glass is under exactly the same conditions. Condensation occurs only if the outdoor temperature is usually -2 °C, and 27 mm (5+6+5+6+5) three-layer insulation glass begins to dew at an outdoor temperature of -11 °C.

Because insulating performance of the insulating glass is way better, the temperature difference between the two sides of the a glass is larger, and the effect of cold radiation can even be reduced; when the outside temperature is -10 ° D, the temperature in front on the indoor single-layer glass eyeport is -2 ° C and hollow. The temperature while you're watching glass window is THIRTEEN ° C; in similar house structure, when the outdoor temperature is -8 ° C as well as the indoor temperature is THIRTY ° C, the 3 mm common single-layer glass cold radiation area is the reason 67. 4% of the indoor space, while the double layer is used. The insulating glass (3+6+3) was 13. 4%. The using insulating glass can improve the safety performance of that glass. In the case of using the original sheet glass from the same thickness, the wind-resistant strength belonging to the insulating glass is ONE. 5 times that from the ordinary single-piece glass.

How many millimeters thick will be the three-layer hollow glass hollow layer like the ordinary two-layer insulating glass?

1. The thickness belonging to the hollow glass hollow layer is usually 6mm~20mm; in special situations, it is also large than 20mm, but it is extremely rare; if the thickness on the hollow layer is lower than 6mm, the sound insulation amount is almost exactly like the single-piece glass in the same thickness. Therefore, the minimum thickness in the hollow layer is 6TH mm.

Second, the expression technique of the insulating glass is a three-segment representation, such when: "5+9A+5", the "5" on both sides ensures that the thickness of the first piece of glass is 5mm; "A" is the Uk word for air (Air) The abbreviation "9A" signifies that the intermediate glass includes a thickness of 9 mm. We have been the most common from the usual, mostly in 9A plus 12A specifications.

Third, the sheet glass specifications are likely to be: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm six kinds, for that same thickness of the original sheet glass, the greater the intermediate glass spacing, the particular larger the allowable maximum area.

4. The insulating glass consists of two or more types of glass with helpful support and evenly sealed and sealed at the periphery to form the dry gas space somewhere between the glass layers to realize the heat preservation influence. It is an energy-saving tumbler, such as “5+”. 9A+5" ordinary insulating glass is roughly equal to the insulation effect connected with 100mm thick ordinary concrete floor.

5. In addition on the heat insulation function, the insulating glass also offers good optical performance, anti-condensation and also good sound insulation purpose. Therefore, it is often employed in buildings with high needs for thermal insulation plus sound insulation functions, including hotels and residences.,hospitals, searching malls, office buildings, etc.,are also widely included in vehicles and ships along with other means of transportation.

The bonus of three-layer insulating magnifying glaas, which is practical offer double-layer insulating glass?

The particular three glasses are light and double-layered, and the sound insulation effect is improved than the ordinary hollow effect. Generally used in your three northeastern provinces or perhaps alpine regions, the sound insulation effect is a lot better than the ordinary hollow result. To be practical, it is definitely cheaper to work with double glazing.

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